Darul-Uloom Madni Darut Tarbiyat, KARMALI
FOUNDER: Late Hazrat Mo. Mufti Ahmed Bemat (R.A.)
Ph: +91 2646 274243 | E: info@darululoomkarmali.com
Darul-Uloom Madni Darut Tarbiyat, KARMALI
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 Darul-Uloom Madni Darut Tarbiyat, KARMALI

Welcome to Darul-Uloom Madni Darut Tarbiyat
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The Madni Darut-Tarbiyat was founded by late mufti Ahmed Bemat sb, who was well known by Muslim home and abroad by his 40 years teaching of Hadith, Tafseer and his 40 books on various subject (Some of his books were translated in to Eng). 

The Madni Darut-Tarbiyat consists of boy College located at Village Karmali (away from the city life of temptation and allurements) in Dist. Bharuch which offers full and part-time tuition and has facilities for boarding. Their were enrolment of four hundred eighty (480) students in the year 2008-2009.There are Twenty nine 32 members of staff as teachers and 17 members of miscellaneous work. In public School lewdness, Crimes and Violence are commonplace. Our Institute offers a stable environment where values like discipline, good conduct and moral are part of curriculum and great emphasis is placed on Islamic morals and values so that our graduates will be able to face the moral and spiritual challenges of our society.
Goals & Objectives:
  • To impart Islamic Education. 
  • Ensure the Islamic Identity of future Generation.
  • Propagate Islam. 
  • Ensure Muslim Accord & Harmony.
The Darul-Uloom consist of:
  • Darul-Iqamah, (boarding) 41 rooms. 36 rooms are in one building and big hall to accommodate 750 students.
  • Teachers quarters 24 Houses.
  • Workers quarters houses 5 houses.
  • Dining hall, kitchen, stock room.
Classes at Madni Darut-Tarbiyat: 
  • 2 Noorani Qaeidah
  • 10-12 Hifz
  • 3 Tajweedul-Quraan
  • 1 Urdu
  • 2 Farsi 
  • 7 Arabic
  • 1 English
  • 1 Computer